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  • Less than 4 pounds per gallon -- Bondo is about 10!

  • Epoxy Tough

  • Will Not Shrink or Crack!

  • SUPER-EASY Sanding

  • Great for Composites, Aluminum, Wood, and much more

Safe and Light!

SuperFil is made from a proven epoxy resin and an MDA-free hardener that allows us to ship it as non-HAZMAT. We add microballoons and other high quality fillers to achieve the peak of structural performance and lightness. SuperFil weighs only 3.68 pounds per gallon!

Strong and Stable

SuperFil is twice as strong as automotive fillers with about one-third the weight. And SuperFil is ALL EPOXY and WILL NOT SHRINK! SuperFil can be easily primed with epoxy primer.

Consistent Quality

Because SuperFil is made in large lots to rigid standards, you get the same consistent texture every time, with no annoying batch inconsistencies common with hand-mixed filling slurries.

Excellent Sandibility

Curing time to sand runs from 8 hours to overnight, depending upon temperature. When cured, SuperFil sands far more easily than any other epoxy filler.

Easy Application

SuperFil will settle in storage, so stir part A and part B individually before mixing. For best results, mix SuperFil by weight, 2 parts A to 1 part B. Blend thoroughly until the mixture has an even light blue color with no streaks. Apply with a squeegee to desired thickness. Apply peel ply and squeegee directly over the peel ply for maximum final smoothness. Remove peel ply when cured, and sand.

Pot life at 77 degrees is 60 minutes. Cures to sandibility at 77 degrees in 12 hours.

Like a "Bondo" Light Enough For Airplanes!

SuperFil may be purchased from your nearest Poly-Fiber distributor.


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